The main sector in which we operate, is the design , supervision and construction of modern civil engineering projects. From the conception of the master plan to its final completion, we provide the client with complete suggestions and solutions.
In addition to the technical part, a few legal and economic issues need to be arranged , to ensure that all necessary work is adapted to the existing institutional framework.
So having the appropriate experience since 1979, we employ the most qualified staff, with the aim of providing high quality services and delivering top quality projects, always following the principles of safety, aesthetics, budget and of course the predetermined delivery time of project.
Our main services

Building permits

From the master plan of any project to its completion, there are a number of tasks that need to be done. These tasks concern both the engineering part (topographic map diagram, architectural design, structural analysis and design etc.) as well as the legal part (building conditions, public service’s approvals, file submission of project’s detailing, archaeology inspection, etc.).

From the simplest to the most demanding project, knowing all the procedures needed until this is implemented, we undertake full responsibility for any required action with consistency, thus freeing you from time-consuming procedural issues.

Structural analysis & design

Using the most up-to-date computer methods and software, according to the European Standards (Eurocodes) and the corresponding national annexes, we put together completed files about structural analysis and design of reinforced concrete constructions, steel constructions, composite constructions, timber constructions, prefabricated and precast constructions, masonry constructions , always keeping in mind the safety but also the budget of the construction.

Architectural design

We tailor to “your needs” in construction…

Combining our knowledge, experience, imagination and the freedom of choice we present completed architectural plans of

  • Residential Buildings
  • Villas / Tourist residences
  • Hotels
  • Professional buildings
  • Commercial buildings
  • Industrial buildings

Every new project is a new challenge for us. Our team adapts your requirements to the overall design so that the implemented project reflects your personality and emphasize the wider environment in which it is situated.

Our modern software (3D design, photorealism, etc.), enables you to know from the beginning of the design exactly how your implemented project will be .

Construction & Supervision

Employing the most qualified staff, we undertake the task to complete all the construction work required to deliver the project to you with consistency and full responsibility ! During the construction, at each stage of the project, we supervise the work performed, so that the implemented project matches the desired outcome.

Structural Assessment & Structural Retrofitting

The demand for each existing building to be sufficient against static and / or dynamic (seismic) loads according to the the new European and Greek Codes, makes it necessary to assess its seismic resistance. This need arises mainly because of the age of the building or in case of the change in the building’s use or in case of a new floor addition.

Depending on the building’ specifications, we can guarantee you the building’s loading resistance and what extra support it needs if it is not enough (possibly retrofitting of a part or the whole building).

Surveying Sevices

Using modern geoinformatics systems, we are able to implement any field work with high accurancy.

Restoration & Renovation

By combining the above services, we undertake any kind of repairs -renovation (interior / exterior design) of either your home or professional premises.

Engineering services

In addition to the main activities described above, as a technical office we provide you with consistency and full responsibility in a wide range of services such as:

  • Project management
  • Construction legalization
  • Land registry services
  • Building energy performance certificate
  • Professional premises permits
  • Upgrade hotel category
  • Legal services about engineering issues

Consulting Services

We consult you on your investment…

Our office provides you consulting services throughout the range of its activities, aiming on the efficiently financial and technical management of any real estate investment. The purpose of any such advisory support is to achieve the highest possible return on your investment (tourist , commercial , any other professional or private use investment…), with the lowest possible startup and operating cost.

Having already developed significant business from 1979 as a real estate investment advisor (hotels, real estate consultants of Greek banks, private investments, etc.), we have the appropriate knowledge and experience to evaluate and propose solutions for your investment.