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June 26, 2023

Avga Kritsas

One of the most modern organic egg company in Crete "Avga Kritsas", is based in a 360,00 m2 building in Mardati-Kritsa. Inside the main building, there are the organic egg collection and packaging facilities, while the office for management and transport of them, is an independed place back to the main building, which is totally insulated according the europen standards.

In the area of 4000,00 m2 land, has been build only the main building and the compsny's office. The rest of the land remains natural, as the certification institute demands.

Ensuring all of the high european standards are required, the company is totally certified and today has one of the largest production lines of organic eggs in Crete.

More info at +30 28410 22906 , +30 28410 26382