About Us

Our office began operating in 1979, based in Agios Nikolaos –Crete. At first, our business action was in the structural analysis and design, architectural design, construction and supervision of both private and public projects (residential buildings, hotels, villas, professional buildings, roads, etc.)

However, the rapid economic and tourism growth of Crete the last years , continues to be a motivation for us to constantly increase our capacity, creating new collaborations and new business activities.

Thus, today we have a high position in the tourism industry too, having complete the structural analysis & design, and supervision of the most of the new state-of-the-art hotels and villas built in in recent years in the surrounding area, while at the same time retaining the role of consulting engineer to date.

From the start our office collaborates with professionals from the broader spectrum of the construction industry. Every new project enables us to constantly build new partnerships and to date we have created a wide network of partners. Thus, all the internal and external partners of our office, constitute a strong team ready to face any challenge.

Today, under the brand name Zervos Consulting Engineers, while we continue this remarkable upward course, our team provides you with high quality modern services, covering the whole range that surrounds the structures and any kind of technical issue.